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ID card printers

We offer a range of ID card printers which are specifically designed to print photos, images and text directly onto blank plastic cards. 

The cards are passed through a thermal print head the same time as a colour or monochrome ribbon. The colour is then transferred onto the card via heat from the print head. You cards are then ready to be issued and used.

We have a wide range of ID card printers including Direct to card printers (DTC) and Re transfer printers.

Direct to card printers (DTC)

DTC card printers are the most popular card printers. The main benefits are that they are easy to set up, reliable and have low cost consumables. Ribbon Select offer a wide range of consumables for your DTC printers and can be bought here.

Re transfer card printers

Re transfer printers are a more secure way of printing and used for high volumes. A mirror image is printed onto a clear piece of film (re transfer film) which is then fused onto the card. The benefits are clarity of the images, able to print on proximity cards and able to print large volumes of cards.

Leading ID card manufacturers 

Take a look at our range below which include ID card printers from leading ID card manufactures  including Magicard, Zebra, IDP Smart Card, Evolis, Fargo, Javelin, Matica and NBS Technologies. 

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