Ribbon Select now offering the New Zebra ZXP 9 Retransfer Printer

zebra zxp 9

The New Zebra ZXP Series 9 retransfer printer.

Zebra ZXP 9 Single Sided Colour Retransfer Printer Dual Sided Colour Retransfer Printer Zebra ZXP-9 Lamination SERIES 9 SINGLE SIDED

Price starts from £1,411.80*
The Zebra ZXP 9 has superseded the Zebra ZXP series 8 retransfer printer.


Zebra ZXP 9 – Engineered for high-security applications, Zebra’s ZXP Series 9 retransfer printer produces outstanding , edge-to-edge cards with photo quality images at industry-leading speeds. Featuring Zebra’s Colour Predictive Technology. the ZXP Series 9 constantly monitors printing and automatically adapts settings based on tested, patented image-processing algorithms to consistently produce the highest print quality.

Offering additional control, the printer features a user-selectable print quality mode that allows users to optimise for print speed or sharpen print quality. And, it proves and extremely low cost-per-card operation with Zebra’s patented waste-free laminate design, which also eliminates more than 50% of the waste compared to the competitors.

Featuring industry leading throughput the ZXP Series 9 delivers print speeds up to 190 cards per hour. Incorporating Zebra’s patented dual-sided, simultaneous retransfer printing technology, it provides best-in-class printing, which also eliminates the need for the printer to mechanically flip cards during production, reducing the risk of mechanical errors and card jams.

Easy to integrate and manage, the ZXP Series 9 offers multiple connectivity options to provide added flexibility and enable users to relocate the printer anywhere within their network.

Access printer information and support immediately with Print Touch and QR Codes technology. View printer settings and status on networked printers, and manage a large number of networked remote printers from anywhere in the world using Zebra’s optional Print Monitor.

Printer-enabled security features help prevent counterfeit cards and unautorised printer use. Users can ensure additional security and prevent tampering with custom Zebra supplies, including holographic laminates.

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